The Unbearable Lightness II

Found objects, red wax


Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Found objects, hand burnt paper, thread



Found surgical apparatus, red wax


Weep I.                                                                                           Imperfect

Weep I: Found object, thread

Imperfect: Wax, light, paper, found object


Exploring our collective fears and anxieties, which are often hidden and seldom communicated, my work deals with the fragility of life. Through sculpture, installation, light and text, I assemble and piece together the remains, ruptures and scars left behind after experiences of trauma.

Using small violent processes of puncturing, burning and melting, I reassemble the ‘damaged’ through suturing, mending and casting, creating a process of healing as I work. The choice of materials I use reflect the delicate balance between destruction and survival; wax, paper, thread, glass, light and domestic paraphernalia which bear the scars of existence.

I incorporate the meticulously hand crafted with antiquated objects relating to the domestic to create private altered states, narrating a sense of silent human despair.

Casting viscous red sealing wax limbs from broken ceramic doll parts, I combine them with found objects relating to mundane household chores. Parcel packaging paper is surgically punctured with the blistering tip of a soldering iron, drawing parts of fractured human anatomy as I burn. The bones of broken deckchairs hang in stages of corporal deterioration, their wounds delicately fused together whilst silently spilling on to the gallery floor. A glowing orb, cast in molten wax invites an audience to peer into its illuminated skeletal paper remains.

Split between the repairer and the destroyer, layers of symbolism develop as I explore common anxieties in our society, which we frequently choose to hide and keep buried within.